Our Beers

“Akumal American Pale Ale” (Red Label) 

Our first turtle, was born in late 2012. 

Fresh, golden color, crafted with german and american hops, rounded out  with a blend of german malts creating an unique beer which is extremely drinkable like a lager yet complex the way a craft beer should be.

“Akumal English Robust Porter” (Black Label) 

Our Second turtle was born in early 2014 

This is a Mexican version of the classic Porter style,  we only use american and german hops, it is crafted it from a blend of roasted and crystallized malts that give a smooth coffee chocolate profile.

Dark color medium bodied, you will love it.

“Akumal Indian Pale Ale” (Purple Label)

Turtle says goodbye like the great ones but first it inspired us to make our third beer, which meet the market in mid December 2014

While English originally added extra hops to preserve their beer for sea travel we do it for the love of all that intense flavor and floral aroma that has as a result of adding large amounts of hops. “Akumal IPA” is a bitter beer with character, and also well balanced, copper color, for this beauty we only use american hops in large amounts, definitely is our most complex beer.